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About us

CRYST Fragrance

Our Story

Welcome to the world of CRYST. We’re a hand poured crystal infused fragrance company with only two goals in mind: to bring you the best smelling fragrances ever and to help you feel positive and spread positivity.

To speak about fragrance is to speak of memory and experience and love. At CRYST, we are inspired by all of these things but above all, we are guided by a passion for fragrances, crystals and the art of manifestation and affirmation.


abbreviation for

  1. crystalline
  2. Alsocrystall; crystallography
How it started


Crystals came into her life when Kristin was lost and depressed, reading up on crystals became something to look forward to in her life and the fascination expounded when she held one. Kristin has experienced the power that crystals have brought into her life and wanted to share that positivity and love through her creations.

Combining a life-long love of beautiful candles and perfumes, with a passion for crystal, CRYST was born of a desire to explore the link between smell and manifestation, and formulate precise aromas that can bring positivity into your life.

Using the energetic magic of crystals, coupled with the art of manifesting, she believes when the heart and mind work together, anything is possible.

I’ve poured my heart into CRYST so you can enjoy the transformative power of smell and crystal as much as I do.

KristinCRYST founder

Our Candles

Light up your life

Self-care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. Our aromatic, luxurious and soothing blends are created to promote wellbeing and take a quiet moment of relaxation for yourself. Light our candles at home to help you care for yourself and be kind to yourself.


Shine light on others

Shop for Change. Shop with us at CRYST and we give back $1 from every sale to charity – and you choose where it goes after checking out. ‘Track your impact’ and see how much your purchase has helped raise and where it’s going, in real-time! With your dollar, you are choosing change.

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Giving Back

Brighten the world

As a female owned small business who cares about our impact on the planet as much as we care about uplifting of our community. We are eco-conscious and have made every intention to be as sustainable and ethical as possible.
1 tree is planted with every order made.

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Natural Soy Wax
All-natural Mica powder
100% Lead free Cotton wick
Premium toxin-free Fragrance oil
Natural Crystal
Glass Container


Biodegradable packing foam peanuts
Compostable mailer
50% recycled Fibre box
Water activated tape
Cards made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper
Characteristics of 

Soy Wax

  • Not made from petroleum products, but from pure soybean oil, which is a natural, renewable resource
  • Burn clean with little soot released
  • Burn at lower temperature, which means they burn slower and last a lot longer than e.g. paraffin candles
  • Spills or stains can easily be cleaned up using soap and water